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Get To Know Who´s Behind
The Flavor Of Verona Tangerine

Who we are?

Citrus K began in the 90’s with the introduction of citrus fruit orchards for in natura consumption, and its entire project was developed focusing on the production of the main varieties of oranges and tangerines most consumed always producing quality fruits that would meet the requirements of the internal and external market.

With the vision of innovation and the search for new varieties that would satisfy the demanding palates, internal and external quality, facilities to peel and to consume, after years of tests, the variety was selected that more adapted to pre-established criteria and also to the microclimates, forms of production, resistance to disease and pests, the Verona Tangerine.

Today, Tangerina Verona is cultivated in the Northwest region of São Paulo. All the technology since the implantation of the areas, planting systems, ways of orchards management, innovative irrigation system, harvesting, processing and marketing system were adequate and developed by Citrus K, specifically for Citrus. In this way, the fruit follows specific quality standards with characteristics of flavor, coloring, without seed*, and durability.

Want more health and taste? Try it yourself!

*According to the European Community, they are considered to be SEEDLESS FRUITS, fruits with less than 4 seeds per fruit. According to a technology by a Citrus K for the production of Tangerine Verona we are achieving great success without cultivating our fruits that has not been presenting seeds.