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Buying our Tangerine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, regardless of the color of the bark that is or the time of year, as long as it is identified as Tangerine Verona, the internal flavor is within an acceptable standard for consumption.

There is no need for a coloring of the fruit cassette and varies according to a time when it is in a fruiting flower, as well as a temperature variation that occurs as hotter hours of the day and night making the coloration of the variable fruit.


No, the larger fruits have more juices, that means there is more water, so the taste is more diluted. However the smaller Tangerine Verona is tastier because the juice is more concentrated.

No, one of the main characteristics of these fruits is that they are fruits of medium calibers for kids gauges, being concentrated between the calibers 53, 60, 68, 75, 83, which would be the number of fruits in a box with 10kg according specific example below:

According to the European Community, it is considered as SEEDLESS FRUIT, fruits with less than 4 seeds per fruit.

According to the technology used by Citrus K for the production of Tangerine Verona we are achieving great success in the cultivation of our fruit that has not been presenting seeds.

Below is a table of distribution of intensity of the presence of the fruit in the market, being also the best time of its consumption.