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The Tangerine

Verona Tangerine is different from the others, since they have an incredible advantage: the absence of seeds

Thanks to this feature it is possible to taste the fruit with greater satisfaction and to enjoy it more easily in diverse recipes.

Its delicious juice can be availed in ice creams, jellies, mousses, cake, syrups and sauces. The buds are a delight in sweet salty salads.

Why consume tangerines Verona?

Besides tasty tangerines are excellent for health! Rich in fiber and vitamins, fruits contribute to the smooth functioning of the intestine.

Just let go of the imagination and enjoy

Kids and babies also love the Verona Tangerine!

The sweet, sweet taste combined with the absence of seeds make the fruit perfect for toddlers and parents who are reassured knowing their child is consuming a food rich in vitamins and minerals without running the risk of choking.